A 92-year-old retired veterinarian dedicates his life to creating wheelchairs for disabled dogs.

Image/Story Source Credit: HeartThreads Via YouTube Video

Dr. Lincoln Parkes has had a long life, most of it has been spent caring for animals in need.

Parkes has been a veterinarian for many years and has treated innumerable animals in times of need.

Parkes is now 92 years old and retired, but he's decided to spend his time doing what he loves most: rescuing animals.

Even though Parkes has put up his white coat, his love and compassion for animals continue on, and he is grateful to be able to spend his senior years focused on his passion.

Image/Story Source Credit: HeartThreads Via YouTube Video

Parkes developed K-9 Carts, a firm that manufactures wheelchairs for crippled canines.

Parkes spends his days creating custom carts for animals in need, and nothing makes him happier than witnessing a puppy light up with joy after receiving a new wheelchair.

Parkes can devote all of his time and efforts to K-9 Carts now that he's retired, but he's been making doggie wheelchairs since the 1960s!

It all began when a man arrived with a diѕαbled dog.

The dog was paɾalуzed from the waist down after being stɾυck by a car and was unable to move.

The distressed pet-parent was at a loss for what to do and was considering eυthaniȥing his furbaby.

Image/Story Source Credit: HeartThreads Via YouTube Video

The poor pup's quality of life had declined drastically, and he was becoming increasingly difficult to care for.

But Parkes had an idea.

He made the paralyzed pup its own carriage and took it for a spin.

Parkes and the dog's pet-father went the pup to a field and threw a frisbee.

They watched as the dog chased after the frisbee, leapt, and snagged the disc in mid-air.

It was certainly a life-changing experience.

Image/Story Source Credit: HeartThreads Via YouTube Video

Parkes' cart had saved the pup's life, and Parkes had discovered a new purpose in life.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Parkes started K-9 Carts and has been saving the lives of disadvantaged dogs ever since.

Parkes handcrafts each cart to meet the specific needs of each dog, and it's clear how much he adores each and every one of them.

Image/Story Source Credit: HeartThreads Via YouTube Video

Even though he's 92 years old, he's determined to keep working and save lives.

Parkes is a wonderful person and a real inspiration.

We are completely in awe of his compassion and commitment since he has rescued so many lives via his work as a veterinarian and through his puppy wheelchairs.

He has received a lot of internet appreciation and has helped many people regain hope in humankind. Thank you Parkes!

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