A Chinese businessman spends his whole money rescuing stray puppies

Image/Story Source Credit: @Dogs_Today & @Animals1st Via Twitter

Here's how one altruistic millionaire used his riches to transform a cruel slaughterhouse into a dog sanctuary, saving hundreds of pups from certain

Millionaires are associated with the finest things in life, such as vehicles, vacations, and jewelry. Instead of frivolously wasting his wealth, millionaire Wang Yan utilized it to rescue the lives of thousands of dogs.

Wang Yan first became a fortune by owning a tremendously successful steel firm in the Chinese city of Changchun. But tragedy came when Wang Yan's beloved puppy went missing one day in 2012.

Yan canvassed the neighborhood and asked residents whether they had seen his dog. He had no luck, so someone offered a final resort: the local slαughteɾhσuse. 

Changchun has a large number of stray dogs, and there aren't enough shelters to feed and rehome them. As a result, many of these dogs are seized, ѕlαυghteɾed, and sold in the city's hσrrific dog mҽat trade.

Wang Yan, sadly, never found his dog at the slαughteɾhσuse... However, what he observed while there destroyed his heart. Yan was extremely moved as he looked for his pet, observing how many dogs were confined there, facing a horrific

Yan realized then that he had to find a method to help preserve these creatures from the mҽat trade. Yan then decided to purchase the slαughteɾhσuse altogether and turn it into his own dog sanctuary! Yan has just rescued the lives of every abandoned dog in the building.

According to Metro, he spent the most of his income on his dog sanctuary, which he named China's Forgotten Rescues. He paid $400,000 for the slaughterhouse and now pays for the refuge entirely out of his own pocket, with no other assistance.

Yan works nonstop, with no investors to fall back on and no earnings to show for it. Everything he does is from the kindness of his own heart.

“I don’t accept monetary donations, I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help,” Yan told Metro. 

Some dogs in Changchun can be spared and given a long, happy life away from the perilous streets thanks to kind-hearted like Yan.5555

If you want to assist, you may reach out to China's Forgotten Rescues on Facebook and give essential materials to keep the shelter running. Yan will be able to continue his great service to the neighborhood pets with even the smallest payment.

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