Chihuahua saves the life of a grieving man - In exchange, he saved more than 40 little dogs.

Bobby Humphreys is a large person who does amazing things for small pets! The Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary was founded on pure enthusiasm, with the goal of caring for and rehoming Chihuahuas that have had a difficult life or have special needs.

However, if you had told Bobby a few years ago that this is what he would be doing, he would not have believed you. Bobby, being a huge person, was always drawn to Rottweilers, who are both big and athletic.  

Smaller breeds piqued his curiosity, and he frequently made fun of man friends with little dogs. However, things began to alter in his life. First, his 17-year marriage ended unexpectedly, something he had not anticipated. It was a bad moment for him, and he even considered sυiƈide.

Bobby had lost confidence in mankind, and he didn't think he'd make it. "I just wanted to put a stop to it." However, even while he was pushing everyone away in his anguish, a good friend called Connie remained by his side. She had already lost individuals to sυiƈide, so she was aware of the risk and refused to ignore it.

Bobby is really thankful to have her in his life since she truly taught him what friendship is all about. Connie knew she wouldn't be able to relocate with Lady, her Chihuahua, so she asked Bobby for a favor.

Lady was not the friendliest of dogs, especially with men, and Bobby was not fond of her either. He'd heard a lot of stories about her behavior, so he was certain he didn't want to be near this small puppy. Lady also previously ate Connie's son's chemotherapy medication. Lady was never the same after that, even though she lived.

However, Connie is Bobby's best friend, so when she begged him to take Lady in until she could bring her home, he did so. The feisty Chihuahua was left off in her kennel while Bobby was at work, so when he returned home, she was placed in front of the TV and appeared extremely quiet.

He decided to take a chance and let Lady out of the kennel. When Connie arrived later that day, she discovered the small Chihuahua in Bobby's lap and the two of them watching TV like old friends.

Connie had never seen her small puppy behave like that before. Lady despised everyone, but she warmed up instantly to Bobby, and they've been inseparable since. Bobby was still struggling with the agony and grief of his divorce at this stage in his life. His heart was still crushed, and he couldn't figure out what had occurred.

He spent many of his days unable to get out of bed and go to work, but Lady was the one thing that made him happy. A little puppy, much to his astonishment, stole his heart. Bobby, on the other hand, had to remember that Lady had a family and that she would return to them someday. So he decided to get his own small puppy.

Bobby narrowed his quest to locate a dog that resembled Lady or a Minpin named Lucy that his grandfather used to own. The first dog he came upon was brown and tan. Kira was her name, and she didn't come from a good family. Furthermore, she had not been trained.

His first meeting with Kira did not go precisely as planned. Bobby assumed that every dog would react similarly to Lady, instantaneously falling in love with him regardless of how much they despised other humans. Kira, on the other hand, hissed and barked at him the entire time.

He recognized that it would be difficult for other people to give this furious, little puppy a chance. So he vowed to save her from an uncertain future and do whatever he could to change her attitude. Kira was snuggling with Bobby towards the conclusion of their journey home.

Lucy's owner was keen to rehome her, and despite Bobby's request for a couple of days, the owner insisted on his coming that day and even agreed to cut the rehoming cost. Bobby set off on a five-hour journey for his birthday.

Lucy was discovered wandering near a trailer park. The woman walked trailer by trailer, but when she eventually discovered the owner, she informed her she didn't want "that item anymore". The lady discovered Lucy was used as a bait dog during dog training bouts after listening to neighbors and took her to an emergency clinic.

Lucy was malnourished, covered in tooth barks, and had several fractured bones. As you can expect, she was likewise scared of other people. Still, when she saw Bobby, she climbed into his lap and knew she had found a new home.

That's how it went! Bobby continues to save mistreated, neglected, and unwanted dogs in order to offer them a better life. He finally founded Bug Guy Littles World Sanctuary, which he primarily funds himself. Despite financial difficulties, Bobby has taken in over 30 dogs and intends to continue his efforts.

Bobby has found that all of his hard work, worry, and effort have been well worth it. The affection he has received from all of the little dogs he has saved and rehomed is the most satisfying aspect of the process, and it is the reason he will continue to do what he does. A small Chihuahua saved his life, and he is now dedicating his life to repaying the favor by giving tiny canines a second chance.

Featured Photo:: Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary/Facebook 💚