Sweet Puppy With Little Lobster Paw, Hobbling Down The Street, Alone

Image/Story Source Credit: Paws Show Via YouTube Video

Meet Colby. Rescuers received an urgent call today from their local shelter about a puppy who had just been turned in as a stray and was at ɾiѕk for eυthanαsia.

This darling little dude, now named Colby,  was found by good samaritans hobbling down the street, all alone, at only 6 weeks old. The shelter staff was so relieved when rescuers pulled him.

Colby hasn't let his genetically malformed front leg stop him from living his best puppy life as he is learning to walk and even play. Colby will have the best medical care. Practice makes perfect Colby!

This little guy has finally mastered his doggy stairs! Colby is now a master of the stairs! That crazy lobster paw doesn’t slow him down!

Colby has decided he wants to be a gardener when he’s all grown up. Colby’s first day at the beach! We hope you’re having a great Sunday!

Colby aced his first water therapy class! We’re so proud of this little guy! He has the biggest heart and the most resilient spirit!

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Thanks to the channel : Paws Show ❤️

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