This tinу Puppy was boɾn without fɾont legѕ, but he got the world's best familу

This little baby beagle is in route to us Now born with no front legs. I'm not too sure about the palate yet.  I'm name him is T. rex.

Day 18: T Rex! 18 days old! Came in at birth with a cleft palate and no front legs  I am proud to announce he can finally see his mom! ! Yay! She's doing so great! Such a precious angel! 

Day 32: They are Absolutely adorable!!! Precious babies. I'm in love. TRex looks fantastic, he's doing so well. Thank you for all that you do for these beautiful souls!

Day 40: Heart completely melted! I see thousands of kisses on your nose and tummy in the future! ! ! Love you to pieces baby T-Rex. 

Day 45: T Rex was born with no front legs and a cleft palate. Lots of love going on here don't you think? Please share so your friends know that the specialneeds kids can be saved and live great lives! 

Day 48: Good morning my loves! Day 70: He is the most adorable little guy. We love you, cutie! 

Day 80: This is the little poodle that came in the other day she is four weeks old and she was born with her front legs bent backwards!

She's so cute, adorable, and she's such a smart girl and she's really mighty. She can walk like a kangaroo and there is nothing to hurt her. She loves to play just like other dogs, she can move and run.

Thanks To :  @Josh and his critters 💚
Thanks to: Animal Rescue ❤️

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