She only wanted "warm love" from human, but they Locked her outside in the freezing weather!

img: Youtube '' The Moho / Rescuer: Svetlana Mischenko ''

Last week, we received a report from an anonymous source about a dog that was locked in a backyard; the owner had already left, so we were unable to enter and had to call the police.

When we called the owner but got no answer, two officers arrived and assisted us. According to the neighbor, they don't often see the owner. The house shows no signs of habitation, because there are no signs of anyone living there.

We decided to break the gate after a few hours of waiting. We finally got him, and he barked a lot. He's quite skinny, but surviving means they fed him.

With chain on his neck, the poor dog must had a hard life. there is nothing kept him warm at night as well. 

After got him, we went back to the house to conduct additional searches and to our great shock, we discovered another case, 

also very thin, but what was worse was that he lost a leg. He appeared to be chained, but he made an attempt to flee. 

Then hurt himself, so they imprisoned him he was very happy to see us, as evidenced by his tail, and we named the first one Alpha because of how well he behaved.

The second one got named with Beta; he loves food, fortunately, he doesn't have any serious health issues, other than malnutrition. it's much harder to find new home for this one.

As not many want to adopt a disabled dog. so can please help to share this post to help him. 🙏

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Special Thanks To: Svetlana Mischenko 💚
Thanks to the channel : The Moho 


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