A Newborn Puppy Who Was Found Abandoned on the Side of the Road

When I got home from work yesterday, I thought of going to the store to get some food. When I turned to go back, I noticed a small cardboard box on the side of the road.

 Placing the cardboard box orderly on the road was very tempting. After squatting, I discovered that there was no owner.

 I pretended to walk in there and discovered that there was indeed something small inside. I was curious about what was inside but didn't want to disturb other people's belongings.

I got a little closer so I could quickly check what was inside the box. A quick look revealed that it was a very small dog. It's really heartbreaking.

After a while, I realized that the poor puppy was not actually being taken care of, so I inquired about his condition with the neighbors and came to the conclusion that the dog was just a puppy that had been abandoned by his owner. It's so unbelievable that someone would throw such a cute dog.

Although I think it's pretty cool, I still feel incredibly lucky. You just got the most adorable dog. What a cute little kid.

It is a pity to abandon such a good dog on the street. The dog is probably two months old or less. And when we were on our way home, I thought the poor puppy was going to be hungry, so I bought him extra milk powder for him.

Having decided to stay with me, I must treat him well; not doing this would be a sin, and when I remembered what this little guy had gone through, I felt guilty. 
I feel so happy after seeing it because everything is beautiful and it is such a cute and adorable little pet.

When I was bringing the dog home, I came across a neighbor who had just come back from a dog walk. When they saw the dog I was holding in my arms, they couldn't help but pet it a few times. The dog was so cute that he let them.

He is very nice and very friendly. He will have a good life in his new home. The Lord bless this sweet soul! Share his story!