Owner is surprised when her German Shepherd comforts the orphaned fawns she rescues.


Most people envision German Shepherd dogs as guard dogs who would do anything to protect their owners. They are loyal, determined, and can appear frightening if necessary.

Sarge is true to his German Shepherd breed, but because his owner usually rescues animals, they have discovered that this amazing dog has a soft and sweet side. And we'd like to tell you about him today!

Sarge, it turns out, has a soft spot for orphaned fawns in need of assistance due to injuries. Cheryl Stephen, Sarge's owner, has provided some additional information about him and their life on the farm. We discovered Sarge's adorable pictures on the internet and couldn't wait to learn more and share it with you.

Sarge and Cheryl, a German Shepherd with a Big Heart, live in Ohio on a small farm where animals are not raised for food. Instead, they are raised to live the best life possible, full of love and happiness, as every animal deserves.

Cheryl has been sheltering stray animals and rescuing animals since she was a child, and it is a habit she has continued into adulthood. She is now the mother of two sons who are also animal lovers and have a high regard for animals.

Sarge doesn’t stray too far from the family as he’s the perfect babysitter for the animals Cheryl rescues. Sarge came into Cheryl’s life 9 years ago and he’s the only full-breed dog she’s ever had. The rest of her pups are mixed breeds, which Cheryl thinks are the best!

Most of them were dropped off on the farm by people who couldn’t care for them anymore and they’re all amazing dogs. They get along really well and have formed strong bonds, so they’re a mix-matched family of dogs.

Sarge wasn't always a softie. He was a rambunctious puppy who enjoyed chasing children around the house and biting people's toes. However, when Cheryl rescued her first fawn six years ago, a different side of Sarge emerged.

Cheryl's friend discovered the injured fawn in the middle of the road while they were driving. They immediately thought of Cheryl, knowing she was an animal lover, and picked up the fawn and brought it to the farm. Sarge assumed the role of babysitter as soon as the fawn arrived. It was wonderful to witness!

Sarge, the Animal Welfare Advocate

Stephen's farm is home to many animals other than dogs and fawns. They have a pet rooster and hen, a pony and a horse, and the most recent additions to the family are a baby goat and a small black sheep purchased from a barn.

Cheryl also has a few rock doves that are the offspring of a racing pigeon that arrived at the farm and never left. Sarge, Brownie, Dingo, Doodle, and Scrunchers are our canine companions. There was also Angus, but he died a while ago, and Jack, who unfortunately went missing.

Jack was also known for having a soft spot for other animals, and he once saved a chipmunk from drowning by rescuing it from a bucket. He also had a thing for animals! Hopefully, he'll be found soon and returned to his loving family of dogs and humans.

Unofficial Animal Sanctuary Stephen's Farm

Cheryl enjoys sharing glimpses into her farm life and the lives of her animals on Instagram. Surprisingly, the German Shepherd is not the page's main attraction. Bucky, a cow who was rescued when he was a week old, takes on that role.

Cheryl rescued Bucky while he was on his way to an auction barn. When she saw him tied in the back of a pickup truck, she approached the owner, a farmer who was gracious enough to let her purchase the small cow. Bucky was on his way to a livestock auction, where he would have been sold for veal.

Bucky's rescue was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but Cheryl hasn't regretted it for a second. Bucky, who weighs 2,500 pounds, enjoys spending time on the porch. He enters the house on occasion. People adore seeing him on social media!

Overall, people enjoy seeing the animal pictures Cheryl posts, and many have requested to visit the farm in person to meet Bucky. People are drawn to Bucky because of his enormous size, and they want to see him in person.

The Pleasure of Helping Animals

Cheryl is overjoyed to be able to share her animals with the world and know that people adore them. It also warms our hearts because we believe that animals should be loved and respected. If you agree, please share this story with others in the hopes of inspiring people to help animals in any way they can, wherever they are.

Even the smallest act of kindness toward an animal can have a significant impact. If you are unable to rescue animals, there are still things you can do to help them whenever you come across them suffering or alone in the world.

Helping animals in need is not only beneficial to them, but it is also beneficial to our souls. Nothing compares to the gratitude of an animal who has been in pain or in need of love and care for a long time. We always have the ability to do something good for them, so why not?