After other Pups Bark for help from humans, an adorable dog stuck in thick black tar is rescued.


If people who are willing to go above and beyond to rescue and save animals in distress did not exist, many of those defenseless creatures would be severely injured or killed. Fortunately, such people exist, and they frequently work in non-profit organizations such as Proyecto 4 Patas.

This Argentina-based organization is dedicated to animal rescue, which is exactly what they did for Aloe, a dog who was recently discovered completely covered in tar. Aloe couldn't even move, and it was a group of children who alerted Proyecto 4 Patas and directed them in the right direction.

Help is on the way!

When members of the organization learned of the tip, they decided to help and save Aloe. It took a team of eight volunteers working for nine hours straight to clean the poor dog. Aloe was back to normal after 50 liters of oil and three baths. Her journey, however, was far from over!

The incredible work of the team at Proyecto 4 Patas demonstrated to the Libertad community in Buenos Aires that there are people who are determined and ready to help. From the children who tipped off the organization to the neighbors, cops, and firefighters who offered to help Aloe and contributed to her rescue, everyone pitched in.

Continue reading to find out more about Proyecto 4 Patas and what they accomplished for Aloe. This organization is well-supported, with over 313k Instagram followers and nearly 2 million Facebook fans. Not only do they rescue animals in need, but they also speak out against animal experimentation and the use of animals for food, clothing, and entertainment.

Aloe wasn't able to move an inch, but the worst is over.

According to a representative of Proyecto 4 Patas, Aloe is doing great and is a wonderful dog. Those who have spent time with her have identified her quirks and the characteristics that set her apart. For example, she doesn't mind eating anything and enjoys following her caregivers around all day.

Aloe is a loving dog who enjoys giving and receiving love. As a result, she has won many people's hearts, and everyone in the organization is madly in love with her. They are currently concentrating on getting Aloe fully healthy. She is still quite thin, so they are working to help her recover. Ultimately, the goal is to find her a forever family and home.

Proyecto 4 Patas has been assisting cats and dogs in a variety of distressing situations. They've been working for 13 years, and it's shocking to learn that they've never encountered a dog in Aloe's condition. Consider what it would be like to be unable to move for a moment. That was Aloe's reality for so long, and no one could help.

When the people at the organization were cleaning her up, they were terrified that she would die at any moment. Aloe, on the other hand, appeared much more relaxed after the first bath. She recognized they were attempting to assist her and let them do their job. They expected her to be tired and in need of sleep after the baths, but she stayed close to them and cuddled up to them.

Proyecto 4 Patas's Values

Proyecto 4 Patas is based on the belief that all animals have fundamental rights, including the right to live without suffering. As a result, they work tirelessly to aid animals and combat those who would harm innocent animals for no reason at all. There's never a reason to cause pain to animals!

This organization has strong values and is entirely dedicated to advocating for animal rights. They are also eager to share their knowledge and expertise with others if they come across animals in distress. For example, if you find an animal covered in tar, Proyecto 4 Patas recommends contacting the local authorities or an animal rights organization.

They will understand exactly what to do! If you can't wait for someone else to come to the rescue and no one else is available, you can start helping by massaging vegetable oil into the animal's body. This will help loosen the tar, making it easier to remove. Keep in mind that a large amount of vegetable oil will be required, especially if the animal is completely covered in tar.

After that, everyone at Proyecto 4 Patas knew Aloe had been reborn, and they were confident that the worst was over. She now has a wonderful life ahead of her, and she is deserving of it. So do all of the world's dogs and cats!

It will take a few hours to complete all of the baths, but it will all be worth it in the end. Kerosene should be avoided when loosening or removing tar from an animal's body, according to Proyecto 4 Patas. This is because kerosene can harm their skin and cause additional discomfort or pain. Make every effort to get the rescued animal to a professional as soon as possible!

It is still unknown whether Aloe was pushed into the pit where she was discovered or if she fell by accident. In any case, we're grateful that local children discovered her when they did, and we're proud that they did the right thing by contacting people who could assist. Share Aloe's story to inspire others to do the right thing and help animals in need whenever the opportunity arises.