A 24-year-old woman dumps her boyfriend, quits her job, and is now living in a van with her dog.

Life isn't always full of rainbows and sunshine. When we hit a rough patch, we often wish we could start over. Going on a life-changing adventure is the first thing that comes to mind when we make the wrong choices or simply want a fresh start.

24-year-old Sydney Ferbrache understands, and she is a great example of how starting over is not something we can fantasize about. It's something we can actually do if we really want it.

Sydney is currently touring the United States with her dog, Ella. She began her journey after splitting up with her ex, and she has become an inspiration for adventurers.

Sydney has gone viral.

Sydney's van life story has gone viral, and it has inspired many people! She worked three jobs and several side jobs to save up enough money to buy her van, and now that she's on the road, she works from her laptop.

One of the things that drew people into Sydney's story was the fact that she was traveling with Ella and that they took amazing photos together wherever they went. We naturally wanted to learn more about her road life and what she has to say to people who want to embark on their own adventure but are afraid to take the first step.

Sydney has stated that her favorite part of traveling is meeting new people and learning about different cultures. She also spends a lot of time in nature and considers it a blessing to be outside.

Traveling has also been a learning experience for her because she has learned about the lands and peoples she has visited from natives. Continue reading to learn more about Sydney's experiences!

Sydney and her dog Ella travel across the United States.

One of the most surprising aspects of Sydney's travels throughout the United States has been the discovery of numerous interesting backgrounds. However, there are numerous drawbacks to living on the road.

For example, when big things happen and you're on your own, you don't have your family with you. Sydney was once in a car accident and had to leave her van at the shop for a few weeks. That meant she was homeless and had to stay in super cheap motels that allowed dogs.

Ella, who was only four months old at the time, also required surgery, which Sydney had to go through alone. Though Sydney's family is present in her life and does what they can from Indiana, there are times when she just needs a hug and no one is available.

Sydney and Ella have visited over 20 states.

Sydney considered herself extremely fortunate when her story went viral. Though she avoids reading YouTube or Facebook comments for fear of trolls, she is relieved that she hasn't received much negativity.

Instagram is her preferred social media platform because her friends and family are always present and supportive. Sydney prefers to surround herself with positivity, and while she is aware that there may be some negativity, she chooses to ignore it.

Sydney dumped her boyfriend and began traveling alone.

When Sydney encounters criticism, she likes to respond and explain herself to see if some point of view helps people understand. It doesn't always work out, but she doesn't regret trying. Sydney explains her side of the story when she can, and that's enough for her.

She worked three jobs to put money aside for her van.

Sydney believes that people can go on adventures no matter what their circumstances are. It doesn't cost much money and can be done with children. Of course, every situation is different, and it may take some people a little longer to figure out, but it is possible!

Ella has an Instagram account as well!

Sydney wanted to prove that women can travel alone after leaving her relationship behind. Ella, her dog, is with her, so she's not completely alone! Ella even has her own Instagram account, and her photos are popular.

Sydney's first solo adventure was in South Africa, which is worth noting. She decides she wants to go there alone, so she prepares and conducts extensive research. Specifically, safety, backpacking, and women traveling alone are discussed. She then traveled to Cape Town and Johannesburg for three weeks.

Many daring souls are inspired by Sydney.

Sydney's parents were worried about her while she was in South Africa. Everyone in her life was worried about it. She knew she'd be fine, and she proved to herself that she could do anything. Her life was forever altered by her first solo trip.

Following that trip, she purchased a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and hit the road with her then-boyfriend in September 2017. However, she soon realized they weren't compatible and had opposing goals, so she ended the relationship.

That's when she started working three jobs and a slew of odd jobs to save up for a new van. She also launched a website to share her story, and she was ready to go by September.

Before she set out, she acquired a traveling companion in the form of a beautiful golden retriever named Ella. The duo has now visited over 20 states and counting! Sydney had a three to five-year plan when she embarked on this adventure. She is, however, willing to reconsider.

For the time being, this is what she wants to do and what makes her happy. She has never awoken feeling like she isn't exactly where she wants to be, doing exactly what she should be doing since she began her journey. Though she is open to the idea of stopping, she enjoys being on the road.

Sydney and Ella use a tripod camera to take incredible photos while traveling, and it's truly inspiring to see where they've been! It's no surprise that people are fascinated by them.