A woman adopts six unwanted disabled dogs and gives them a second chance at life.

When Tracey's German Shepherd, Hayden, died a few years ago, it left an emptiness in the house that seemed to grow with each passing day. Tracey has since adopted pups from animal shelters that others have passed by. Tracey now has eight furry friends, and they all live life to the fullest with Tracey by their sides!

Tracey, Hayden's owner, told Bored Panda that the brave pup battled a brutal disease called degenerative myelopathy for years before succumbing to its effects and becoming wheelchair-bound. Even in his final days on Earth, Hayden never lost spirit or hope, playing until he couldn't move anymore!

"I miss Hayden, but I decided to honor his resilience and make a difference for other dogs like him. My current household consists of eight pets! Six of the animals are special needs animals who came into our lives as a result of friendship requests or by chance at adoption events — two more were previously owned by friends of ours before they died."

Tracey's warning to her visitors was simple: if you come across one of these sweet pups while walking around town, don't let your feet get rolled over.

Tracey's devotion to her puppies is unrivaled. She genuinely cares about each individual dog, and they all enjoy being around Tracey just as much! What is one way she loves them even more? When it snows outside during the winter months, the wheelchairs disappear (for a while) and skis appear; who wouldn't want to participate?!

The caring woman agreed that this was not the right type of pet for everyone, but she also stated that they are not difficult to care for. "If you are afraid of or disgusted by poop and pee, adopting a special needs pet may not be for you!" But, honestly, it's no different than if they were walking on all fours."

The Fowler Herd will not be stopped anytime soon! The company's founder has big plans for this winter, and she's not going to back down until they're realized. "If we can show one owner that there is another option besides saying goodbye, that would be a great accomplishment," the woman says.