A pregnant dog survives after being shot 17 times, finds a forever home, and becomes a registered therapy dog.


Unfortunately, millions of animals around the world have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Many precious pets have been treated as if they are unimportant, and they have never known the love of a dedicated owner.

Fortunately, there are many compassionate people working to make things right for animals like these and turn things around for them. People who devote their time and work tirelessly for these animals recognize that their souls are pure and that they have done nothing to deserve the life they have had.

Today, we'd like to share an inspiring story about a badly abused dog who was discovered on the street by the right person, and how her life changed, as well as the impact she had on her new family and community.

An Unexpected Meeting

One of these people was walking through the streets of war-torn Lebanon when he came across a stray dog tied to a box. Dogs without homes are common in this country, but this particular dog was in terrible condition. The man stopped walking and carried the animal to seek assistance.

He took the dog to the Wild at Heart Foundation, a rescue organization based in the United Kingdom dedicated to finding loving homes for homeless pets. Maggie was named by the rescue workers who took in the dog. She was on the verge of death when they arrived and took her to the veterinarian's office.

Maggie's injuries were so severe that the vets couldn't believe it when they examined her. She had lost an ear, was blind in both eyes, and was riddled with pellet gun bullets. Maggie was pregnant, which made matters even more heartbreaking. This, however, heightened everyone's determination to save Maggie and the lives she was carrying. Rather than euthanizing her, they began the rehabilitation process in the hopes of finding her a forever home.

Maggie's photo and story were shared on social media by Love at First Sight Wild at Heart, and the perfect family happened to see it. Kasey Carlin's mother discovered Maggie's story and became determined to bring her from Lebanon to London, England.

Kasey's mother discovered Maggie's post on social media and knew in her heart that they had to adopt her. When Kasey saw the photo and read Maggie's story, she felt the same way and agreed to take her home. But first, they had to wait for the puppy to recover from surgery before relocating her to London.

Kasey was going through a particularly difficult emotional period at the time. However, meeting her new pet gave her life some meaning. Now that she had something important and worthwhile to focus on, she poured herself into learning how to best care for Maggie.

After all, this special dog has special requirements. Kasey knew there would be a learning curve because she had not only been through a lot of trauma, but she was also blind, so she rose to the challenge. All it took was some time, patience, and a lot of love.

The Procedure

Kasey couldn't stop crying at the airport when she met Maggie for the first time. She was all in, and she sought advice from blind rescue dog charities.

They suggested she sketch out the house for Maggie, room by room. Kasey divided the kitchen into sections, and Maggie spent the first night in her crate. Maggie felt grass on her paws for the first time when she took the pup out to use the bathroom in the morning.

Maggie began to emerge from her shell with Kasey's help, and she came to life in her new environment. Maggie has a sweet and affectionate temperament despite being horribly abused by people. She's bubbly, energetic, and incredibly caring.

Kasey was smitten, and Maggie began following her everywhere. It's difficult to believe Maggie has never hurt anyone despite being subjected to so much pain and fear. She's great company, and the pup did the same for her new owner that Kasey did for Maggie.

A New Beginning

Kasey has come a long way since she first met Maggie, and her emotional health has greatly improved. Soon after, she decided to enroll Maggie as a college therapy dog so she could help others and fulfill her life's purpose.

Today, Kasey takes Maggie to the college campus twice a week to spread some love and get pets from the students to help them ease their anxieties and lift their spirits. Maggie will soon be visiting hospital patients and other people in need of encouragement.

Maggie, as you might expect, has had a lot of fun, and they keep up with her progress and adventures on her Instagram page, "Maggie the Wonder Dog." This special pup's life has been drastically altered, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Maggie is now surrounded by affection and warmth. Every day is fantastic, which is the happy ending she deserves. Furthermore, Maggie's story is the type of story that can inspire people to be better than the bad things that happen to them.

If this pup can find a way to love and trust people again after what she's been through, so can we, and that's a powerful message to send out into the world. We encourage you to spread that message by telling Maggie's story and helping her love spread even further than it already has!