More Than 20 Years After Starting A Shelter With His Mom, He Is Still Taking Care Of Over A Thousand Dogs

Life is not perfect. We all need love, care and protection, but not everyone has them. Some people are good but still endure pain or death because they can’t completely fix the problems in their lives. The world has many troubles that seem unfixable no matter how hard we try, someone will always be unhappy. But this doesn’t matter when you find out who you truly are and what you want to achieve.

This kind mother and son duo Dejan and Svetlana, gave their lives to enhancing the world. They have saved over a thousand dogs in 20 years, many of which now dwell in a large enclosure at their sanctuary where they have lots of room for all their furry friends!

Dejan and Svetlana began their good deeds by feeding the stray dogs in their village of Cumic. The villagers were appreciative of their benevolence and started to back them up with more resources and proposals for what to do next. This led to the establishment of the Vucjak Shelter, which was the result of years of work by many people. When Svetlana died, Dejan maintained their joint mission and worked alone. Caring for animals was his passion and duty. But running the shelter was hard, not only because there were so many animals at once (and more coming), but also because he had no one to support him and he needed rest like anyone else.

It all began in 1997 when my mother found a puppy who needed help and brought him home with us. She didn’t have any specific plan or reason, she just wanted to give him a safe place until his owner came back or got out of jail (yes, really). 

“She was my best friend,” Dejan said to Bored Panda, “She showed me how to never give up on myself because anyone can be your biggest supporter if they really want something.” And we often laughed and cried together when we talked about our problems.

The shelter has many difficulties, such as preparing 1000 dogs for winter and taking care of them, Dejan disclosed. He also said that they receive several calls every day, because the issue of stray dogs is also grave here in Serbia where people leave their pets every day without worrying about their outcome or survival.

Dejan also cares about protecting the wolves, which are threatened too. He does this by bringing fresh meat whenever he can and informing other locals about their significance for the environment and the balance of nature.

The sad reality is that Dejan’s shelter would not be able to operate without assistance. There are many expenses involved in running such a project and they keep increasing due to the needs of their growing population – especially during winter months when people stop donating food or money because it becomes too difficult for them! But thanks to kind hearts who understand how essential these animals really are; they have made sure that there will be a time when no more dogs will go hungry here in their country.

Lastly, Dejan has shown his devotion to the cause that he chose. “I want to say that I will fight for animals until my dying day because it is a part of who I am .” Motivated by Svetlana’s passion, he is carrying on what she started and after her passing, he took up arms against these injustices because it’s how they both wanted things done. It’s their legacy.