First night at home from the shelter! Happiest adoption photo ever

A pit bull's heartfelt response to spending his first night at home after locating a new family has touched the hearts of internet users. The dog had an ear-to-ear smile on its face.

The owner wrote about it on Reddit, saying it was his first night at home after being adopted.

A recently adopted pit dog cuddled up to his human little sister and smiled, knowing that his great home now provided safety and comfort.

"When I saw his smile, I knew I had made the right decision," the company owner said.

Compared to other breeds, pit bulls have a lower adoption rate, and as a result, they may stay three times longer in shelters.

Even though American pit bulls are the most popular breed in shelters across the country, a survey revealed that 50% of canines that go by the name "pit bull" actually don't have any pit bull DNA.

Due to the many attacks and maulings that have happened, pit bulls are a controversial breed that most prospective owners avoid.

Arizona State University conducted research to find out how much a dog's classification affects his chances of finding a forever home. Research indicates that canines tagged as "pit bulls" spend more than three times as much time in shelters as similar-appearing dogs without the classification.

It was a middle night. A poor street dog has been hit by a car. She cried alone in the middle of the road until a kind-hearted woman came up to help. She would have cried alone until morning if nobody helped her.

She was rushed to Mueang Phet Veterinary Hospital. The x-ray found her both pelvis and leg were terribly broken. 

They gave her a blood transfusion and prepared for her surgery. Thank God, she's safe and the surgery went successfully.