A brave woman carried a hurt 55-pound dog to safety after a 6-hour walk

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Tia, a courageous single mom, decided to go on a hiking adventure with her elderly father, who was 76 years old. They had no idea that this trip would bring them face to face with a Springer spaniel that was badly hurt. Tia's amazing choice to save the dog that was in need has touched the hearts of many people around the world, spreading a message of hope and humanity.

After reaching the top of the mountain, Tia and her father started to go back down. That's when they found the injured spaniel, left alone with no trace of its owners. Tia knew that if she left the dog there, it would die. She was moved by her compassionate nature and decided to take the 55lb dog to safety, even though it was a huge challenge.

Tia's interview with Pickler and Ben, which got more than 61,000 views on their YouTube channel, revealed what she was thinking during the risky rescue. She said that another family had found the dog first, but they couldn't help. Tia felt determined and worried about the dog's well-being, so she took on the dangerous task of going down the mountain with the injured animal.

Tia didn't let the dog's injuries and inability to walk stop her. She went on a tough six-mile journey that took six hours. She faced difficult terrain, including paths covered with snow and even losing the trail at one point. Tia didn't give up, because she had a strong resolve. Even though she was a gymnast with strong quads, carrying the 55lb dog was hard. But Tia felt like something divine helped her, making the weight on her shoulders lighter.

When they got to civilization, they learned more about what happened to Boomer. Boomer had gone hiking with his owners when he had a terrible accident. He had fallen into a snow crevice and dropped from a 100ft cliff before rolling another 200ft. His owners tried to get to him, but they were too late. They couldn't find him and thought he was dead.

Tia couldn't forget about Boomer's sad story that night. The next morning, she woke up feeling sure that Boomer belonged to her. She wanted to make sure Boomer was okay, so she talked to his owners with her heart. They agreed to let Boomer go with Tia. Boomer still needs surgery to fix his bones, but he is much better now, thanks to Tia's selfless act.

Article Sources: Youtube/Pickler and Ben  (h/t: animalchannel)

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