Abandoned Senior Dog Becomes The Fluffiest, Happiest Puppy

Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Shelter Via YouTube Video

What if we spend our whole lives loving someone, but that person leaves us when we grow old? And that story was similar to that dog. An old woman realized the dog was her neighbor back and wagged her tail I gave her a shirt and it suited her.

But at the time she didn't quite trust me Her eyes were something I couldn't forget There was an indescribable sadness in them She was  very sleepy but still suspicious of me Soon , she fell asleep and had a beautiful dream She hasn't had a bed that warm in a long time Leave the sadness behind and sleep well.

2nd  day she was still very tired She just wanted me to lie down with a sad face I wanted to take her for a skin check Since her hair almost fell out I might have to postpone it to the next day She didn't want to go out even though I patted her Was she afraid of me she  leave again? I've always believed that dogs have a sixth sense. 

The dog clung to many of their memories I really couldn't have an answer to what they were doing Days later she always wanted to be with me She always buries her head inside of me like that She seems to want it  talking about her pain Does she ever remember her past life? She always buries her head in me like that.

Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Shelter Via YouTube Video

She finally agreed to take me for a walk. She was wearing a green shirt that was the color of grass. Her hair was growing back too The doctors were very happy with the result My promise for one  new life had been fulfilled She was excited a new life ahead Although it was too late for an old dog like her But even for one day it's worth it to us We cherish every happy moment together.

We thank everyone for supporting her medical bills and giving her tons of love.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Alabaihelp 💚
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