Dog who was dumped in a cardboard box has a second chance at life

The rescue team received an urgent call about a dog in a cardboard box on the side of the road who needed help. They hurried to get him out of there. He was in terrible shape, barely alive and paralyzed. They brought him to the vet right away for emergency care.

He was very sick and had seizures that they had to stop with medicine. He couldn't eat anything, so they gave him the medicine through his vein. They decided to keep him in the hospital until he got better. They were committed to helping him as much as they could.

Pocho, as they named him, began to improve after five days of treatment. He was still at risk, but they had hope. They were thrilled when he started to eat by himself on day ten and over the moon when he had his first seizure-free day on day 12.

They never lost hope for Pocho, even when one of the vets said they should euthanize him. They supported him and cared for his symptoms with kindness and empathy. It was a difficult and long process, but they always believed, and so did Pocho.

On day 17, something amazing happened - Pocho could walk again. And by day 30, he was walking joyfully and getting all the affection and care he deserved. His recovery was a miracle of bravery, hope, and love.

Watch the video below:
Article Sources: Youtube - Dublin Shelter  (Special Thanks To: VOLUTARIADO DE ZOONOSIS LANUS)


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