Dog Found With Broken Legs Has The Best Foster Mom

Photo by: YOUTUBE/The Moho

Meet Yusha, the courageous survivor who overcame severe injuries after being left alone and frightened with broken legs on a cold and icy day. Despite being in pain and distress, Yusha's resilience and the kindness of a compassionate woman who found her saved her life.

Sadly, no one stopped to help Yusha on the busy road, leaving her exposed to the elements and vulnerable to further harm. Thanks to the timely intervention of the kind-hearted woman, Yusha received the necessary medical attention, including ultrasounds and X-rays, to diagnose her multiple injuries, including fractures of the hip pelvis and pubic bone.

After being stabilized with heating pads and careful monitoring of her condition, Yusha underwent two surgeries to repair her injuries. In the first surgery, metal plates were placed to stabilize her hip pelvis, and the veterinarians repaired her pubic bone in the second surgery.

After a difficult journey to recovery, Yusha gradually regained her strength and mobility through physical therapy and the hospital staff’s loving care. She showed her resilient spirit and became stronger and more grateful than ever before.

She and her best friend demonstrate that second chances are real. Yusha now desires hugs, praise, and attention, and has grown smart and affectionate.

Watch the video below for the full story! 
Article Sources: Youtube - The Moho  (Special Thanks To: Северный Медведь)
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