Kind Man Adopts Senior Dog To Make Him Happy In Final Years

Numerous elderly dogs spend their final years in shelters, longing for a caring household. Regrettably, some individuals may refuse to adopt a senior pet. But there are still people who open their hearts and homes to old dogs, giving them a chance to live their best life in their final months and years.

One such person is Zach Skow, co-founder of California non-profit Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue. He often fosters dogs in need of homes, and when he met Henry, an old dog with several health issues, it was the beginning of something special.

Henry, around 16 years old, had been surrendered by his owners because of his age and a number of health problems. He was deaf and partially blind, with cancerous growths on his body. Zach decided to take him in as an end-of-life foster, thinking he had only a few weeks or even days to live.

However, after settling into his new temporary home and receiving some love and kindness, Henry transformed into a happy, playful dog. He underwent surgery to remove his cancer and continued to thrive under Zach's care.

As weeks went by, it became clear that Henry still had plenty of life in him, and Zach decided it was time to find him a "forever home." Caro Aguilar fell in love with Henry and adopted him, knowing he wouldn't have much time left.

Henry had a few adjustments to make to his new home, but with love and patience, he blossomed once again. His new family made sure he had plenty of fun adventures in his last days and set up an Instagram account to share his journey with the world.

Sadly, Henry passed away in June, but he spent his final months surrounded by love thanks to the kindness of his foster and forever families.

Without Zach and Caro's intervention, Henry likely would have been euthanized or died alone in a shelter. But with their love, he was able to enjoy a new lease on life and bring joy to those around him.

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Article Sources: Instagram Youtube  (h/t: theanimalclub)

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