Woman Finds Two Adorable Puppies Abandoned In A Box

Isabella Macowski, on her way home, stumbled upon a box of two abandoned puppies. Her heart melted at the sight of them, and without a second thought, she took them under her wing and headed straight to the vet. As she raced to the vet, the younger pup's condition took a turn for the worse, and he nearly lost consciousness. Isabella was determined to save them both and immediately sought medical attention from the vet.

The younger pup required a blood transfusion, and the team of veterinarians worked tirelessly to revive him. After an hour of intensive care, the pup's condition improved, and he began to show signs of life. Isabella named the pups Ryan (white) and Teja (black), and they were placed in a room to recover.

After 48 hours, Ryan and Teja were deemed fit to go home with Isabella. She had already fallen in love with them and was determined to give them the best life possible. However, feeding them wasn't as easy as she had anticipated, as they didn't seem to enjoy the raw food she had prepared for them.

Ryan was the first to be adopted, and Isabella couldn't have been happier. She was thrilled to see him playing with his new family in his new home's garden. Teja found a loving home a month later, and Isabella was overjoyed to see both pups happy and thriving in their new lives.

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Article Sources: Youtube - Dublin Shelter  (Rescuer: Isabella Macowski)


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