Dog Can't Move Her Back Legs, But Now She Can Walk

Image/Story Source Credit: The Penguin Via YouTube Video

A girl from Chuvashia, she lived near garages, what exactly happened is unknown, she just disappeared at one moment A week later she crawled like that The girls who found her asked for help.

One hind leg does not work and will not work, the second is questionable, she tries to push with it Maybe he can hobble around a little, but he'll probably need a wheelchair Small in size.

I hope that one day she will find a family for her She was named Corn by us, that's a cute name, isn't it? I was surprised that the little girl was able to start walking after only a few days of treatment.

Corn's tenacity is admirable! Look at the incredible progress! From a dog that walked on two legs to a dog that walked on 4!

Although she is thin, she still eats well Corn was excited when she went out for a walk, but she was still panicking because of the traffic after the accident.

Was she abandoned just because she was lame? Is it necessary to be so cruel? We really don't understand why but her former owner is damned Fortunately, Corn has now overcome the mental and physical pain and is happy to live. 

I hope Corn gets a warm family to accept her and live happily together. Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer:  victoria_kg 💚
Thanks to the channel : @ThePenguins ❤️

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