Two poor stray dog can't stop shaking in fear, frozen hide in the corner of shelter!

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Paws Show' via YouTube Video

Rescue two poor stray dog who can not stop shaking in fear, Meet Nelson (brown) and Nelly (sable) were rescue as a stray dog on the street. The two pups super scared and feral and just incredibly frightened! They can not stop shaking in frozen and fear, try to hide in the corner stay away people and anything.

They are now at  Saving Riverside’s Dogs & Impounded Urgent Paws shelter. and on Euth listed if no one rescue them! 

Day 8: Nelly & Nelson are SAFE with Bubblesdogrescue and renamed to Kelly (GSD)& Teddy (chocolate lab)!

Yes these are the two pups super scared and feral and just incredibly frightened but,  look after just a short while they are learning trust with amazing foster work. We’re so grateful to them because Every dog deserves a CHANCE!

Day 13: TEDDDYYYY & yes this is previously Nelson the feral doggie we rescued who wouldn’t even come out from his crate. He is so sweet non aggressive just so timid,  he does open up he just needs patience and then when he is comfortable he is a goofy fun teddy bear!

Kelly is making progress everyday and slowly learning to trust she needs a patient home! Dog friendly and gentle just needs a family who will love her dearly and appreciate,  that she’s been through so much and is still so amazing.

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Special Thanks To Rescuer:  bubblesdogrescue 💚
Thanks to the channel : Paws Show ❤️

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