Rescued Husky Survives Extreme Heat in Car and Finds Love in a New Home

Instagram - theanimalfoundation

Every year, countless stories emerge of dogs left in hot cars, despite the known dangers of heat stroke and even dеɑth. Last summer, a shocking case emerged in Las Vegas when a husky was found locked inside an SUV parked at the Bellagio casino, with her mouth taped shut in the scorching heat of 113 degrees.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded to the situation, freeing the 3-month-old puppy from the car through the sunroof. The poor dog was found salivating and struggling to breathe, having been locked in the car for two hours with no food, water, or air conditioning. Thankfully, the dog, now named Duchess, survived the ordeal.

The owner, Raul Carbajal, was arrested for malicious torture of an animal, and Duchess was taken into the care of The Animal Foundation. Several weeks later, the Foundation announced that Duchess had been adopted into a wonderful new family who adores her.

Duchess now enjoys the company of her new fur siblings, and even sneaks into the children's beds. Her new family takes her on trips across Nevada, California, and Arizona, where she enjoys playing in the snow and living her best life.

It is heartening to see Duchess recover from her traumatic experience and thrive in a new home filled with love and care. It's a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the consequences of neglect and cruelty towards animals.

Let Duchess's story serve as an inspiration to others to treat their pets with kindness and compassion. By sharing this story, we can raise awareness about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars and promote responsible pet ownership.

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