Poor abandoned puppy shake his head wrong crying in pain for help, aloned and sadness without mother

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Paws Show' via YouTube Video

I got a call for help this poor puppy shake his head is wrong and one leg is rahiticna.

Little puppy is suffered pains and crying for help, alone, sadness without mother. 

We will go to thee Vet tomorrow, He received a tablet to clean the disease and the front line to clean up from the bug, The tablet of the vitamins and to give super premium food.

If there is no improvement in the other day, it should go to the nose to take the head to see if it was injury or was born like that.

After 3 days treatment, our little boy getting better and with the good news..

He was adopted by kind woman and will go to the new home and owner, The little one is traveling to his new home tomorrow. His life just begin, now our puppy is full healthy and will live a happy life forever!

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Thanks to the channel : Paws Show 

Youtube video