Little Puppy Was Paralyzed, Living In a Small Country, Overjoyed When Meet The Rescuer

img: Youtube '' Paws Show / Rescuer: @kotopesnayasemiya ''

Meet Tango! The girl was polio and lived in a small countryside. She needs support! I picked her up.

I'll make every effort to help her! She suffered there, but if given the chance in Moscow, the infant would be able to stand up. We will be going to the clinic, getting checked out, having tests, getting X-rays, etc. We need to find reasons and opportunities.

So,the sad news is that she can't walk on all fours. We sobbed a lot when we realized she was disabled for life. She will run again in the wheelchair. It's heartbreaking but turns to heartwarming.

She's been well taken care of, she's hungry, and she's just whining. I still have to battle her illness. She feels incredibly good. Tango took a stroll today.

img: instagram '' @kotopesnayasemiya ''

Tango is nearing his goal of running alongside everyone. One-of-a-kind Tango girl, this is a cheery little miracle. She is wonderful, compassionate, and loving. Tango should get a wheelchair.

Her caregivers never let her down. They give her all the needs she deserves. They give her a custom wheelchair. She such a brave girl and loves to play just like other dogs.

img: instagram '' @kotopesnayasemiya ''

She grateful to all kindhearted people that saved her from the horrific condition and give her a better life. Her story is absolutely restored faith in humanity and very inspired. She's now at his loving home. Her mom will take care of her for the rest of her life.

She still has a zest for life and being loved by everyone. Keep your prayer to Tango and share her story! Watch her happy ending in the video below! 

Special thanks to rescuer : 💚
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