Hero Woman Rescues This Sweetest Girl and Brings Her to a Good Life

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Strays Dog' via YouTube Video

I found Phil while she was lying motionless on the side of the road. This was a poor dog who was homeless and roaming the streets. There were a lot of ticks nibbling and sucking blood all over her body.

Unfortunate things kept coming to her, causing her to groan in pain and loneliness. She took Vale to the vet in hopes of saving this innocent creature. Vale needed an ultrasound, a blood test, and treatment for all the ticks that were attached to the body.

Severe anemia plus infection of the body made her tired and depressed from reality. Vale had to stay at the vet for a long time and there were many difficulties ahead. Her sad eyes and semi-weak body made me feel very sad.

Because of soaking in the cold for several days, almost all of her nervous systems were paralyzed. Vali's body was always trembling even when she was fast asleep. It was difficult to return to normal life.

I thought there would be no other chance for her. But it wasn't the case that after several days of intensive treatment at the vet, her health had significantly improved. With each passing day, I was more confident that Vale would not give up and that she would fight to the end.

So you lit her life. Every two days, Vale was getting blood transfusions, tick treatment, and vitamin supplements. By then, she was able to stand up quite a bit, but she was still trembling and weak.

Vale was still fighting and did not despair . It seemed like the hardest time had passed. Victory was near and she deserved our happiness and our love.

The experiences that God had brought to Vale were more than enough. She deserved to be a real fighter. Vale was able to walk confidently with a healthy body.

It was as if she had been born for the second time in this life. She felt the love I had for her. Vale showed her gratitude by wagging her tail and smiling happily. 

We are grateful for everyone especially, a woman who found her at the first time and saved her by heart for new wonderful of life.  Please be sure to watch this video below to the very end!

Thanks to the channel : Strays Dog ❤️


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