He Kept Crying for A Week, The Vet Put Him to Sleep But He Never Gave Up


Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

In Yuzhny, a puppy was found in a critical condition. We don't know how long he lay on the side of the road, full of flies and hoping for nothing, he just quietly offered his soul to God. He couldn't stand on his feet, he was constantly screaming. suspected severe head injury. 

The puppy was taken to a clinic in Yuzhny, but they could not help him there. They just wanted to put him to sleep. No! No! No!

Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

We decided to take him to Odessa, to see qualified doctors, and they gave him this opportunity! Sky most likely got a car or some other mechanical blow to the head, he needs an MRI, he needs a specialist.

When we examined it, we found soil in our mouth and stomach like stone. Our little warrior, Sky, he fights for life, he's strong, he doesn't give up! Day 2: Sky initially just kept fighting the attacks, he was screaming, screaming, screaming continuously, for 24 hours. Even strong painkillers won't help, he's already gone to the next world with one foot. No one can stop crying for this angel. Pray for Sky! 

Day 4: Treatment continues, recovery is underway. Thank you all very much! Really, no words are enough to express my gratitude to you. 

Day 8: Sky is recovering little by little, he cries less and can eat a little on his own. 

Day 15: He feels the world, learns a new way of living in safety! ❤ 

Day 24: The first time he is outside, he is feeling human love. He recovers and gains strength. Vaccinated for the first time.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

Day 40: Now that Sky is healthy, he lives happily with a wonderful woman who loves dogs. 

Day 56: Sky is having a wonderful new life, he no longer lives in fear and pain.

Once again thank you all for Sky, love you!

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