Because a stray dog kept showing up at the Hyundai dealership on a daily basis, they hired him and gave him his own employee badge.

Persistence is an important quality to cultivate in life because it allows you to achieve your goals, no matter how lofty they are, and gain people's trust. Still not convinced? We've got the perfect example to persuade you. The main character is a stray dog who never gave up and was rewarded in a surprising way.

Our stray doggo is from Brazil, and he was so persistent that he was able to find a home, a job, and online fame simply by showing up every day. Earlier this year, a Hyundai Prime dealership began receiving visitors on a daily basis. The staff noticed a stray dog hanging around and didn't think much of it at first.

When stray dogs appear, they usually disappear quickly. The staff was surprised to discover that the pup returned every day. He was determined to stay at the dealership, and the staff let him stay day after day. After all, he wasn't causing any harm or bothering anyone. Dogs are also adorable!

A Different Name

The staff at the dealership eventually grew fond of their visitor and decided to call him Tucson Prime. They decided to hire him after it became clear that he was not going anywhere! Tucson Prime was thus the first doggo to work for a Hyundai Prime dealershio. He even got his own identification card.

A few months later, they officially adopted the stray dog, and his story quickly went viral. Hyundai Brazil's official Instagram account shared some photos of the newest member of their team. The photos quickly went viral as more and more people shared the heartwarming news.

The dealership staff stated that at first, they only intended to provide a temporary home for their stray four-legged friend. Tucson Prime, on the other hand, proved to be the best at greeting customers and interacting with them, making them feel welcome. So he certainly deserved his promotion!

In an interview with Top Motors Brazil, showroom manager Emerson Mariano stated that the Tucson Prime's customer service received a lot of positive feedback from customers. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! Customers claimed that his presence improved the environment due to his docile and sweet demeanor.

Mariano also mentioned that many customers would return to the dealership after purchasing something just to say hello to Tucson Prime and bring him treats or gifts. Isn't that wonderful? They decided to accept him and make him a permanent member of the team based on the response.

Tucson's Adoption Is a Success

It was raining outside when Tucson Prime was first allowed inside the dealership, so the staff felt sorry for him. They welcomed him in, provided him with water and food, and Mariano became so attached that he proposed to the board that the pup be adopted as a mascot. Fortunately, the company is pet-friendly, so selling the idea of owning a pet was not difficult, especially at a time when there are so many abandoned animals on the streets of Brazil.

Tucson Prime was taken to the veterinarian after he was adopted to receive all of the necessary vaccinations and treatments. He has since become an indispensable member of the team, and he will even appear in Hyundai's national advertising campaign.

So, can you see why perseverance is so important? No matter how many times you hear the word "no," or how difficult it may appear to achieve your goals, showing up every day and giving it your all will get you far. Share Tucson Prime's story to encourage others not only to persevere in life, but also to help stray dogs whenever possible!