Starνing Dσg Whσ Surνiνed By Eating Twigѕ And Rockѕ Getѕ Hiѕ Haρρily Ever After

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Alex, a Weimaraner, was found wandering the streets of New Orleans, severely emaciated and weighing only 43 pounds. He was taken to Vermillion Parish’s Rabies Animal Control, where his condition was so dire that Deanna Theis, assistant director of the Southern Animal Foundation, was stunned he was still alive.

Theis immediately pulled Alex from the shelter, knowing he wouldn't survive without urgent medical attention. X-rays revealed that he had eaten rocks and twigs in a desperate attempt to fill his stomach, and his health was touch and go in the beginning.

Alex's severe starvation caused him a serious setback when his stomach reacted to the nutrition he was receiving, and it flipped. He underwent emergency surgery to remove the foreign objects and combat the dangerous condition, but the resilient dog pulled through.

After his recovery, Alex was placed in foster care with Diane Lundeen, who already had two Weimaraners at home. Lundeen fell in love with Alex and decided to adopt him four months later, unable to part with the dog whose eyes were so haunting when they first met. Alex's eyes are now bright and full of happiness, and every picture of him shows him smiling.

Lundeen says that Alex now weighs almost 80 pounds and has good color in his gums. He no longer whines when he sits down and has an incredible joy for life.

Alex's story is a reminder of the importance of rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need. With love, care, and attention, even the most severely malnourished animals can overcome their past and find happiness in a forever home.
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