Skinny Dog Only Dared to Lean Against The Wall, Waiting to Receive The Leftovers

Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

Meet Baikal! My heart ached and tears welled up in my eyes when I saw his picture. Baikal nestled against a wall, waiting for the leftovers of people in a food store. A dry skeleton, you can't say otherwise. There is no worse animal than man.

He wandered off again looking for another opportunity. Baikal is sad, he is feeling hopeless, Sick, severely debilitated. Its entire body is affected, most likely demodicosis. After consolation, Baikal was taken to vet in the car, we constantly talked to this sweet boy. Eye discharge and inflammation. 

I really want to help him so that he forgets all that he has endured. Today, I took Baikal for an ultrasound and her intestines became inflamed. Probably due to many days without food. A thousand prayers he made to this poor dog. Day 5: Baikal has just received nutrients, he is already feeling better.

Baikal runs around, is friendly with everything. He needs shampoo. Hopefully, Baikal will change drastically in the coming days. Day 9: Baikal is very much like a sheepdog. He weighs 31 kg.

Day 68: Baikal is just an active dog, he is very happy with his great days. He is waiting for a home! Can someone give him a chance to be a good son?

Watch the video below for the full story! 

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