Puppy Born With Permanent Smile ‘Steals’ Rescuer’s Heart And Gains Loving Family

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Every dog deserves love and care, but sadly, not all dogs receive the affection they need, especially those born with disabilities or rare birth defects. Such dogs are often abandoned and left to fend for themselves. This is the story of a puppy born with a unique appearance that melted the heart of an experienced dog rescuer, Kaley Carlyle. Two years ago, Kaley received a call about a strange-looking puppy with deformities. Initially, she wasn't sure if the little one was a dog at all. Upon seeing his pictures, she discovered that the puppy's mother was an outdoor dog that was allowed to become pregnant repeatedly. Kaley made a deal with the owner that she would care for the pup if he agreed to spay the mother. Thankfully, the owner accepted, and Kaley brought the eight-week-old puppy home. The tiny creature was malnourished, but Kaley couldn't resist his adorable looks. He resembled a mix of a wolf, hyena, dog, and bear, and she named him Chupacabra or Chupey for short. Kaley was smitten with Chupey, despite his unusual physical features. She worried about his health and whether he was in any pain due to his differences. She took him to the vet multiple times, but they couldn't pinpoint the cause of his unique appearance. As Chupey grew older, his sparkling personality started to shine through, and so did his extraordinary appearance. He had long legs, a skinny body, a big jaw, and teeth, but not enough lip to cover them, giving him a constant smile. Chupey's permanent smile showed the world how easy it was to love oneself and proved that everyone is beautiful in their unique way. Chupey's story is heartwarming, and his permanent smile is infectious. His unique appearance didn't deter Kaley from giving him the love and care he deserved. Watch the video below to witness Chupey's adorable smile and loving personality. Special thanks to Kaley Carlyle for rescuing and loving Chupey. 

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