An Innocent Soul Turned Aggressive After She Got Hit Then Dumped In A Canal Under Rain!

img: Youtube '' The Moho / Rescuer: Happy Animals Club ''

In a heart-wrenching incident, a paralyzed dog was found in a canal, abandoned after being hit by a car. As rain began to fall, the urgency to rescue the innocent soul grew stronger. However, the rescuers faced a daunting task as the dog appeared to be aggressive, making it difficult to approach her.

Despite her cute appearance, Felicity, as the rescuers named her, was one of the most hostile dogs they had ever encountered. Attempts to befriend her through food were futile, and a risky rescue operation was the only option left.

After being brought to the shelter, Felicity underwent a thorough examination. However, due to the possibility of further injury, the team refrained from any invasive procedures. Nonetheless, they managed to bathe her, revealing that her fur was matted with brambles, indicating possible mistreatment in the past.

Felicity's road to recovery was long and arduous. Although she eventually regained the use of her legs, her aggression remained a concern. But, with patience and love, the team gradually earned her trust. After weeks of hard work, Felicity stopped attempting to bite and even showed affection towards her caretakers.

Recently, Felicity received her first walkie-talkie and was overjoyed. She now loves her walks and is a happy, loving dog. The transformation from aggression to love is heartwarming, and it's a testament to the resilience and spirit of these innocent animals.

Felicity is a beautiful angel who deserves love, care, and kindness. We're grateful to the rescuers for their dedication and kindness in bringing her back to a wonderful life. Let's keep her in our prayers and send our love to this little sweetheart. 🙏

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